Frequently Asked Questions

Just call Brad or Logan and you will get on the list for the next available opening.  Once we have delivered the pig to the butcher, we will let you know and send a bill for the cost of the pig to either a mailing address or an email. We will give the butcher your phone number and they will call you or you can call them to specify how you want the pork cut and wrapped. When the processing is finished you pick up the meat and pay for the processing.

This depends on several factors such as the individual type of pig and how you specify your cutting and wrapping. As a general rule we try to raise our pigs to a weight where you will receive approximately 160-190 pounds of pork to take home.

Our pigs that we take to the butcher are priced at $1.25/pound for Berkshires and $1.05/pound for all other pigs.  This includes delivery to the butcher. When you pick up the meat at the butcher you pay them for the processing.  Cost of processing is based on a kill fee, weight of the hanging carcass, and weight of the hams and bacon that are cured.  Your total cost will likely run between $655 and $755 for a Berkshire.  Other breeds will be about $50 less.

It depends on how many orders we have and how busy the butchers are at the time. Butchers get very busy in the late summer, fall and early winter.  Most of the time we can get a pig to the butcher within a couple of weeks and the meat will be ready for pickup within a couple of weeks after that.  If you would like some pork sooner we have individual cuts and half pigs in the freezer ready to go.

 Yes we do. Selection is subject to pork on hand. Check out our individual cuts page. 

We have delivery options for our already processed halves and retail cuts. We can deliver in the Treasure valley. Cost of delivery depends on distance and size of order.

Yes, we keep various retail cuts and half pigs already cut and wrapped in our freezers for quick and easy pickup.

Purebred Berkshires are our focus for our meat program here at FPF. We also utilize some Duroc and Yorkshire genetics to make quality market pigs.


Berkshire/Kurobuta pork has been proven over and over again to be of higher quality than other pork.  It excels in tenderness, flavor and juiciness.  For more information check out American Berkshire Association’s site.


Yes we do. We sell pigs ready to butcher as well as roaster pigs of various sizes, weaner pigs to raise, breeding stock and showpigs.

Our pigs are fed a grain based diet with nutrients balanced for the optimum growth and health of different size pigs. We grind and mix all of our feed right on the farm so we know exactly what goes into it.   We have different protein sources to add to our corn and wheat mixture and then add the vitamins and minerals needed for a balanced diet.  We source as much of our feed as possible from local farmers.  We never put antibiotics in our pig feed.

We focus on genetics that bring pork quality while also making sure we have productive and efficient sows here at the farm. We do have limited opportunity to share these genetics with others. At various times we do have Berkshire boars and gilts available for purchase. Yorkshire. Duroc and crossbred breeding stock also available, 

At this time we are not offering shipping to other areas. We are concentrating on providing pork locally in the Treasure Valley of Idaho.

We are currently using Wakefield Meats in Melba and Northwest Premium Meats in Nampa. We have regular delivery dates scheduled to both and delivery of the pig is free to these two butchers. If you have another butcher and a date we can discuss delivery to them.