Half Pigs Ready to Go

If you want to get some pork in your freezer now or don’t want a whole pig, then try our half shares of pork.

You get the pork from a half pig, processed, frozen and ready to be picked up. You get ham, bacon, chops, roasts, ribs and sausage.  Most halves will have 85-95 lbs of pork.

Price includes the cost of the pig and processing.  Delivery options are also available. This is Berkshire/Kurobuta pork.


Half pig processed:

$450 regular price

Whole Pigs Taken to the Butcher

Fill up your freezer with great tasting pork from the Flying Pig Farm. We deliver to the local butcher and you pay us for the pig. The butcher will call you for your preference on cutting and wrapping instructions and will walk you through the process. You pay for the processing when you pick up the meat. It’s as simple as that.

Depending on how busy the butcher is and the availability of butcher dates, this will take anywhere from 3-6 weeks. Pigs usually range from 280-320+ lbs. Price is based on the live weight of the pig.


Berkshire:  $1.25/lb
Others:    $1.05/lb

Individual Cuts

We have various individual cuts offered now. Check the individual cuts page for more information.

3 ways to get our pork

We have three ways for you to get our delicious pork:

  1. Whole pig delivered to the butcher
  2. Half pig, cut wrapped and ready to go
  3. Individual cuts and bundles

Home Grown Pigs

We pride ourselves here at Flying Pig Farm on producing quality pigs for a variety of markets. All of our pigs are bred, born & raised here in Kuna. This allows us to provide quality care every step of the way for our pigs. From birth to your dinner table we have been passionate about doing it the right way for nearly 40 years.